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Check My Order

You can easily view your purchased orders or request modifications to make your planing journey easier.

Want to modify a purchased order?

Please select the following edit category to modify


Only modify the departure or return date

Edit Order

Different from the destination or date of the previous order purchase

Cancel Order

The trip can't be started or for other reasons

Deposit Refund

deposit refunds after returning the machine

Service Description

Modify the number of trip days

You can lengthen or reduce the number of rental days before your journey:
  • Reduce the number of rental days will not be refunded
  • Extended the rental date will be calculated according to the original offer
  • This modification will not charge any administrative fees

Modify destination and date

  • You can modify the order and free of charge 8 days before of departure date; otherwise will be charged administrative fees
  • If you modifies the order within 7 days of departure date or on the departure date, you will be charged an administrative fee of $200
  • If the modified order amount is less than the original order amount, the difference will not be refunded.
**Early birds offer and discounts are calculated on the oiginal order

Cancel order

Customers can cancel orders on or before the departure date. The charges are as follows:
Quantity of rented products x Original price of rented products x Number of days rented divided by two = Administrative costs
For example:
The original order: Japan 4G Infinity Quantity 4 x Offer price $22 x 5 days = $440
Administrative costs: Japan 4G Infinity Quantity 4 x Original $25 x 5 days / 2 = $250
***Early bird offer can only return deposit, the rent can not refund.

Deposit refund

  • Deposit refund after returning the machine
  • This application is only available for orders paid by credit card/Payme
  • The refunded deposit will be refunded to the original payment credit/payme account
**The deposit will be returned to the original account within 21 working days