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Non-stop redeem reward gifts

Member points reward

With member points for more travel products

Crazyegg new member welcome coupon

Required Point: 0 point

Airport Lounges

Required Point: 750 point

Crazyegg 10% off coupon

Required Point: 50 point

Crazyegg 15% off coupon

Required Point: 400 point

Crazyegg 20% off coupon

Required Point: 800 point

T-money Public Transit Card Korea (Redeem Location: Mong Kok Store)

Required Point: 400 point

Crazyegg 25% off coupon

Required Point: 1600 point

T-money Public Transit Card Korea (Redeem Location: Airport Store)

Required Point: 400 point

Crazyegg 30% off coupon

Required Point: 3200 point

Global Universal Converter *(Only redeem at our Mong Kok Store)

Required Point: 400 point

Try new products

Rent new products with points

Transay AI Translator (Airport stores pickup)

Required Point: 100 point / day
Or rental by cash: $25 /day

Redemption CrazyEgg gift process

Step 1

Choose your like products;
Click to redeem the gift details

Step 2

Make sure there is enough points,
Press and confirm redemption

Step 3

After redemption is successful,
please go to "My Coupon" page

Step 4

Come CrazyEgg stores to show electronic voucher
To customer service can be redeem
*Note: part of the gift only apply for the designated redemption, please pay attention!

How to try new products with member points

Step 1

Choose the product you want to rent; Click to see product details

Step 2

Make sure there is enough points. And select the rental and return date, press the confirmation to rent

Step 3

Since the products need to charge rent deposit, the customer will enter the payment page to pay the deposit. When the rented product is returned, the system will return the deposit within 7-14 business days

Step 4

After the rent product is successful, you will receive confirmation email.

Step 5

In the designated date to Crazyegg store to show off confirmation email to our customer service.

Step 6

Please return product to Crazyegg by return date; Overdue may be fined. The amount of each product is different, according to product details and terms of use for the prospective.
*Note: part of the product only apply for the store for the redemption, please pay attention!
Each product to different rental deposit, please refer to the product details, such as the lending of the product is damaged, you need to paycompensation.
The redemption rental products cannot change the orders and refund the member points.

Book a CrazyEgg product for $1 = 1 member point

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