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Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

Wi-Fi Pocket
Sim Card
1 . Nature of Services

Company provides a wireless modem rental service to travelers who plan to visit a range of destinations from Hong Kong. We do not offer Equipment for sale on this Website.

2 . Privacy Policy

Crazyegg considers the protection of customers' privacy as fundamental to our company's business and enormously important. Our company collects customers' personal information to the extent necessary to provide telecommunication services, sales, promotion, registration, shipment, collection and management, and may not be used for any other purpose other than the above-mentioned purposes.

3 . Use of equipment

  1. The Customer will use the pocket Wi-Fi Equipment in a careful and proper manner at the destination listed in the order only.
  2. Online game, live streaming, and Voice call cannot be used, and is not allowed (except Wi-Fi enabled VoIP voice calls). The customer is required to bear all call costs, responsibility and 100% of administrative fines and compensation to the Company if voice call are being used on the pocket Wi-Fi equipment.
  3. Subjected to the Fair Use Policy, some countries may be in place in accordance with the business practices of the local internet service provider (the local in-country wireless network carrier or operator). Telecommunications provider may slow down the connection speed, limit the data usage amount or stop providing the data service.
  4. Please careless to pick your countries. For the stable data traffic, we only open your selected countries service. Other countries service should be shut down. Crazyegg is not changed setting if you changed your travel counties.
  5. Telecommunications services to local telecommunications providers, the guests have any clear majeure factors make Internet service affected or interrupted such as telecommunications provider failure, natural disaster failure. Crazyegg will not make any refund or compensation. This included that a local telecommunications provider maintenance, natural disasters, local telecommunications operators signal problems, local telecommunications operators covering or other issues.
  6. Customers clear since a user know if factors make Internet service affected or interrupted, crazyegg any refund or compensation will not be made. That included to remove or replace the sim card, to set up their own Wi-Fi pocket setting and reset Wi-Fi yourself, cross-border or not including national using can be directly stop service.
  7. As customers abroad using Wi-Fi problems encountered on the way such as cannot connect internet, Wi-Fi pocket damage, etc. You must find a free Wi-Fi access to the internet or other means to notify us during the trip by email or whatsapp and keep the relevant records. Customers encounter problems during the trip without notifying us that no records; Crazyegg not accept any refund. Furthermore, Customers encounter problems about accessories (USB cable, Charger); Crazyegg not accept any refund.

4 . The application form and Contract

  1. Applicants should return the completed application forms and return them directly via the company designated agent or/ by the Company Internet. Once the online application data is received, auto-reply by e-mail will be followed by the company. Rental of pocket Wi-Fi, designated service providers will be designated by the Company Products are being pre-set and the assigned rental equipment cannot be changed after the order is confirmed.
  2. After the completion of the application in accordance with the formalities stipulated by the Company, an agent designated by the Company or the customer service dept. will require the applicant to make the full payment accordingly. Contract is confirmed upon receipt of full payment.
  3. Full amount of the deposit will be refunded to the customer upon return of all equipment to the company in good condition at the end of the contract period. Such as payment by bank transfer, customers agreed Crazyegg return deposit by cash cheque refund. Payment by credit card, customers agreed to authorize credits to Crazyegg for HKD500 as a deposit, returned after Crazyegg directly cancel credit authorization.
  4. If the customers after the return Wi-Fi Pocket(s), due to personal reasons lost / damaged the cash cheque (Deposit), Crazyegg is not responsible.
  5. Full amount of rental charge and deposit will be refunded to the applicant if the equipment ordered are not available in stock or due to unforeseen circumstances the company is not able to provide the requested rental equipment to the applicant. No further claim by the customer will be given.

5 . Deposit Policy

  1. Upon our receipt of the Equipment following your Return, if there is no outstanding charges, we will cancel the deposit secured by authorization hold on the same credit card used when placing the order. If there is any outstanding charges, it will be charged against the deposit, and after deducting all charges, the balance of the deposit, if any will be credited to your same credit card account within 21 days from our date of receipt of the Equipment.

6 . Equipment Delivery & Returns

  1. If there is no indication of the delivery method by applicant, the company assumes that applicant will pick up the device at the company counter.
  2. The customer should return the device to our counter in accordance to the order form stipulated, the following day before 6:00am. The customer will pay the daily charges from the Departure Date (the date in which the Customer departs) until the Return Date (the day when the customer returns) with HK$20 administrative charges for all of the Equipment specified in the Terms and Conditions. The customer may be liable to further rental charges if the equipment is not returned to the company by 6:00am the following day. All the returned Equipment is accepted in writing by Crazyegg that these are returned in good and acceptable condition. Equipment rental charges will be calculated as full days only and not based on fractional days.
  3. Device will be considered lost should it is not returned to us 5 days from the day of return. By accepting our device rental, you are agreeable to this terms and condition, penalty for lost device and acknowledge your acceptance by signing on our Acknowledgement Receipt given to you. If customers’ payment by bank transfer, the HK$500 deposit will be charged in advance, and we will send a notice to the customers for pay the extra penalty. Such as credit cards as a method of payment, the credit card will charged directly to the credit authorizing deposit HKD500 and we will inform the customers to pay additional penalty by notice. The Company is also entitled to retain the right to pursue all legal.

7 . Rental Period

  1. The maximum rental period is for 30 days. Special arrangement can be made for rental period exceeding 30 days.
  2. If the Customer encounters any difficulty in using the Service while at their destination, the Customer must immediately notify Crazyegg within the Rental Period in order to be entitled for any possible refund or discount to the Charge. Any refund or discount to the Charge is solely at Crazyegg discretion. No refund or discount will be entertained if the customer informs our company after his/her return cancellation to Hong Kong.

8 . Cancellation / Reschedule/ Change the pickup up location

  1. To cancel an applicant to apply, in addition to immediately notify the Company for cancellation, the following should also pay surrender charges. But after customers get our internet access device and applicant for cancellation, surrender charges are payable.
  2. Please send an email to: to cancel your order on or before the date of departure. The Company to deduct the administrative costs (50% of the original rental price x rental days ), balance full refund to customers. (On departure day after the notice to cancel the appointment shall be deemed abstained orders, no rental refund, only to return the deposit.)
  3. For any rescheduling, HKD$200 will be charged for our administration work. Customer will also be charged for any difference in the rental fee for the said change.
  4. If the rent upon confirmation and payment at a specified date is not taken Pocket WI-FI, the order will be deemed to abstain, no rental refund, only to return the deposit.
  5. After reservation, need to change taking out WiFi pocket location in our store, must be at least 7 days prior to your departure notice to the Company by email.
  6. After confirmation of order, no refunds if any early returns before the return date in the agreements.
  7. To cancel early bird's order, this is only refund for deposit but the rental cost cannot be refunded.

9 . Charges for Loss or Damage to the Equipment.

  1. You are solely responsible for all loss or damage to the Equipment during the Rental Period.
  2. In the event that the Equipment is lost, damaged, stolen, or missing, customer is to notify Crazyegg immediately. The Customer is liable for all Call Charges on such Equipment until it is deactivated by the cellular carrier in the designated destination.
  3. If the equipment is found to be damaged after its return to the company, the company will conduct an inspection on the equipment in the presence of the customer to determine the cause of the problem in order to avoid future controversy.
  4. If the customer damages the rental item, the rental item must be returned to the company.
  5. The following fees are imposed for the damaged or lost items:
  • Compensation lists:
  • Compensation Amount:
  • Pocket Wifi Device $1500
  • External Battery $300
  • USB Lead $50
  • Adaptor $150
  • Bag $50
  • Card Replacement Fee $300

10 . Prohibitions

  1. The Customer shall not install the device on the Internet or other mechanical accessories, and shall not engage in transformation, decomposition or other cause damage or malfunction of the behavior of wireless communication device and peripheral equipment.
  2. The applicant shall not engage in the communications equipment sublet, transfer, pledge to a third person, or for a third person as a subject, such as guarantees against acts of ownership of the company.
  3. The applicant may not use the Company's access equipment for any irregularities or illegal acts.
  4. Fast delivery courier is not accepted in both collecting and returning our products.

11 . Fair Usage Policy and Additional Charges

  1. To ensure fair and equitable to all customers to communicate, customers must use all the equipment in accordance with the Company Terms of Service. Telecommunications provider reserves the right to change their service models and policies, without notice. In some countries, a Fair Use Policy may be in place in accordance with the business practices of the local internet service provider (the local in-country wireless network carrier or operator). If a FUP is in place, it may limit the transfer of a specific amount of data over a period of time. Internet service providers commonly apply a cap on the amount of wireless data when an individual user has exceeded a certain amount of data within a specified time period, which can result in a throttle down (slow down) of the connection speed.
  2. No refund or discount will be given if the above matter occurred. Cancellation may apply if user download continuously or if your use impacts other users

12 . Disclaimer

  1. Mobile data of the smartphone should be turn off before you go to the designated country. You only have to turn on the Wi-Fi function of your smartphone and connect to the pocket Wi-Fi to obtain the wireless data once you are in the designated country. The company cannot be held responsible for the overseas roaming charges imposed by the Hong Kong service provider in the event the customer unintentionally turns on the roaming mobile data service.
  2. If the Customer encounters any difficulty in using the Service while at his/her destination, the Customer must notify Crazyegg immediately within the Rental Period in order to qualify for any possible refund or discount to the Charge.
  3. If there is a change of destination and notice is not conveyed to the company, the company will not be held responsible for the proper working and function of the equipment being handed over to the customer.
  4. The company will in no event be liable for nor shall the customer make any claim against Crazyegg for any liability, claim, loss, injury, damage or expense of any kind (including lost profits) whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential caused by the equipment or the failure of the equipment to operate correctly or at all, or for any delay, faultiness (such as degradation of service) or failure of the services.
  5. In the event of malfunction of the customer's smartphone, the company will not be held responsible for its working and rental charges still apply.
  6. The company makes no other warranties, guarantees or representations, either express or implied, regarding any matter, including without limitation, the merchant ability, accuracy, reliability, condition or fitness for a particular purpose of the equipment or the cellular phone or data services furnished under this agreement. except as set forth in section 3 above, does not represent that customer's use of the products or services will be secure, timely, uninterrupted or error free or that the service will meet customer's requirements or that all errors in the service will be corrected or that the system that makes the service available will be free of viruses or other harmful components.

13 . Amendment of Terms and Conditions

Crazyegg reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of disputes, Crazyegg reserves the right on the final decision.

14 . Crazyegg Care

  1. The Company shall provide a secured compensation in a fixed range when loss, theft or damage of the Equipment arises during the service.
  2. The Contracting Party cannot apply for neither cancel the secured compensation once after receiving the Equipment.
  3. The secured compensation is only used in compensating related fees when loss, theft or damage occurs in the Equipment, and it shall not be used as a compensation for communication expenses before suspension of communication lines, and profit losses in the Contracting Party due to loss, theft and damage.
  4. If subscribed to safe compensation and loss or theft of the Equipment occurs, the Contracting Party shall provide a theft report certificate issued by the local police or written materials that proof that theft.
1 . 條款與細則

  1. 會員資格不可轉讓。
  2. 在任何時候,本公司有權在不另行通知的情況下取消會員資格。
  3. 個人資料條款: 閣下入會需知:我們尊重閣下的私隱,並遵守香港個人資料(私隱)條例的規定。感謝閣下向我們提供個人資料,閣下之個人資料將會被保密。閣下向我們提供個人資料表示閣下同意我們為了本計劃,及我們的服務和產品相關的目的(例如特別優惠、售後支援、統計調查、研究、直接推銷、市場推廣、公共關係、推廣宣傳),在香港境內外收集、使用、儲存、處理這些資料,和將資料傳送至我們在境內外就上述目的協助我們處理資料、承諾遵守本條款及負上保密責任的服務供應商、推廣宣傳活動的合作夥伴或調查研究機構。閣下有權查詢、修訂或更正我們所持有有關閣下的個人資料,請發送電郵至。所有收到之文件副本我們一概恕不退還。
  4. 在通知會員後,本公司有權更改此條款與細則。
  5. 會員每消費 HK$1 可獲1積分,積分可兌換優惠券。
  6. 未有會員登入情況下落單不會獲取/歸納任何積分。
  7. 優惠券只適用於Crazyegg網站及apps網上預訂。
  8. 優惠券不可兌換現金,其他貨品或折扣。
  9. 優惠券不可與Crazyegg優惠券,現金券同時使用。
  10. 優惠券可與憤怒鳥優惠同時享用。
  11. 優惠券只可使用於租用Wifi蛋訂單,購買數據預付卡的訂單不適用。
  12. 賺取Crazyegg之積分以每次折實消費金額計算,任何折扣均不獲取Crazyegg之積分。
  13. 優惠券只可使用一次,每張訂單只限用一張,恕不接受分單。
  14. Crazyegg保留隨時更改或終止優惠及/或修訂優惠條款及細則之權利而無須事先通知。如有任何爭議,Crazyegg保留最終決定權。
  15. 如欲使用優惠卷,需於預訂時輸入優惠卷號碼方可使用,訂單一經成立,不能再作追加任何優惠。
  16. 商戶優惠券搜集於各方商戶,優惠條款及細則之權利與本公司無關。如有任何爭議,各商戶保留最終決定權。
  17. 積分儲蓄計畫以每張訂單確立後首次折實消費金額作為計算基準,並不包括更改訂單之差價。
  18. 所有以積分換取之優惠券或禮品,恕不接受任何原因更改、退換其他優惠、現金、轉讓、售賣或取消。
  19. 本公司持有一切條款與細則之最終決定權。
1 . Terms and Conditions

  1. Stock availability may be varied. Wifibaby would fully refund in case of out-of-stock after payment. For other influence due to travel impact, Crazyegg is not responsible for any liability or compensation for loss.
  2. Please double check that all the information are correct. After confirmation of order, this cannot change or refund.
  3. 如申請人選普通平郵服務,因平郵有寄失之風險,本公司將不會就任何寄失之郵件負上任何責任及賠償事項。